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West Melbourne

Finding the perfect West Melbourne accommodation for your family

When choosing the right accommodation for your family holiday, there are several factors to consider. Of course, the obvious options include hotels and resorts, but apartments can be great for families as they are self contained and often far more spacious. If you are visiting Melbourne, Apartments @ Docklands offers stylish accommodation in West Melbourne.

Some of the most important reasons for choosing a particular accommodation option are the location and services offered. When travelling with children, these become even more essential. When you have one or more children to move from place to place, the ease with which you can travel to areas of interest is incredibly important. Holidays should not be stressful, but when travelling with children becomes difficult, your overall trip may suffer. Consider staying in accommodation that offers entertainment and food options within walking distance, or at least close to public transportation. Even if you plan on renting a car for your trip, you still want to be close by to avoid unnecessarily long car rides.

The availability of kid friendly amenities like swimming pools and a variety of in-room entertainment options are also crucial when choosing the right West Melbourne apartments for your family. While the adults might be interested in stunning views and local restaurants, the kids will really just want to know when and where they can have fun. The more options they have, the happier they will be, and then the entire family will have a more relaxed holiday together. You know your kids; you know what kind of activities they like. Make sure the accommodation you choose will give them the space and opportunities they need to enjoy themselves.

Keep the cost of family holidays down

Another major factor to consider with family holiday planning is the cost. Let’s face it; travelling with kids is not cheap. From the cost of the hotel, to the cost of food, your next family holiday could cost you a pretty penny. When planning your next trip, you might want to consider our serviced apartments in West Melbourne. A serviced apartment will offer your family the space they need and the convenience of being at home. With a kitchen and laundry facilities, you will save money on food and be able to keep the whole family looking clean. Even if you still eat a few meals out, the kitchen will allow you to store and make snacks and drinks for those food cravings in between meals. With this style of accommodation, you get all the benefits of staying in a hotel (swimming pool, wireless internet, etc.), together with the comforts of home. When it comes to West Melbourne accommodation, take a look at Apartments @ Docklands today, your family (and your purse) may thank you for it later!